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    There’s surely something amazing about Amazing Stories!

    Apple found it interesting, and the sci-fi show, the director’s hit gets rebooted! It is loaded with optimism and nostalgia, yeah, this may not be something on-trend. In the mid-80s, the first iteration of Steven Spielberg came out, do you remember that? Back then, it was used to be called only “TV” by people. Oh-so-special, one episode was better than the other and viewers found these episodes quite interesting and satisfying. Full of spirit in both the ways- form and content,  neon eyeshadow and Thatcherism, who left viewers for their tea, and face another day.

    The new incarnation, thanks to the young upstart Apple TV+, the streaming service has been released for review. Meeting your hopes and expectations, the first tale is time-traveling and an Outlander-esque love story that is compact in nature. Sam is lad about town and he has been helping his brother Jake, and it’s all about the house restoration business. His brother is highly responsible and settled. To keep your memories alive, Sam is Dylan O’Brien, starring in MTV’s series Teen Wolf, yeah, now you got it! And, the derecho strikes, a fierce storm, the incident takes place as both are working on their latest wreck.

    And, Sam has been sent to the earliest days of the house. That’s the place where he gets to meet  Evelyn (Victoria Pedretti), and falls in love with her. She is the impoverished daughter of the family, She is the one who is going to be forced into a loveless marriage to save her family, she is the one who built the house and lives in it. From this point of time, things will change the way you may expect.

    Some people in the native US didn’t really like the show due to the lack of flair, and this can be due to the things being misunderstood and many people didn’t realize the audience it was focused on. This may not prove to be boring for adults or even young adults, no surprise can be difficult for children. There is a lot more to mull over. You will come across devoid of feminist liberation, and there are plenty of iPhones on the direction of travel;. Also, you can add some value to those hours, all you need is to view everything as a child.

    Yes, this may not be what some people may expect from Apple’s image, and on the other hand, it may not be a fashionable approach. For those who are not looking for a product with a heart, they don’t recruit Spielberg, the one who has got optimism instead of cynicism in his mind. This can be an effective way for Apple wants to showcase the confidence and say- Hey if it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it.

    It all started after a long pause

    It was quite a long pause, 33 years to be more precise, and Amazing Stories has made its way back to television. This reboot of Stephen Spielberg’s classic anthology series is dedicated to adding some fun and flavor to the cluttered television environment. But, it is a fact that time has changed dramatically and this episode that has recently come out on Apple TV+, will be able to entertain today’s audience. It will be great if you stay clear here. The episode titled titled “The Cellar,” is the time travel story that starts with Teen Wolf’s Dylan O’Brien and The Haunting of Hill House’s Victoria Pedretti, is filled with convenience and genre. Some plot points of the episodes can offer a familiar feeling, it was the episode’s nostalgic narrative that drew many viewers, this can better be described as “Amblin-esque.”

    Connecting with the construction workers and trying to restore the house, Sam becomes a victim of a weather anomaly that sends him a long 100 years back, he is an aimless man who has no commitments in his real life. Sam then gets to meet Evelyn (Pedretti) while running disoriented through the home that is now lively. Evelyn is a young woman who is in love with music as well as art, her strict mother continuously shuts down this love. Enjoy this warm welcome to Prohibition America., now you are in the year 1919. When they meet, both fall in love and this is where their mission of Sam to locate his way home gets a shift. Here, Sam has yet another challenge to face. He has no internet or daring app, and also the ability to play some beautiful music in all rooms. On the other hand, Evelyn is being forced into an unwanted marriage as she needs to provide her family with some much-needed financial stability.

    So, what actually happened earlier that sent him back in time?

    At the time of the storm activity that is common in the area along with the timing of his jump made this possible. This is the real connection in the story here. Now, Sam has got a plan with the help of which he can go back home, and he is going to do his best to bring Evelyn with him. When the story starts to reveal, understandably, there is a twist for both, and everything moves in a heartbreaking direction.

    Yes, there have been a number of time travel and romance stories, but the episodes of Amazing Stories have surely made a lasting impression. This is surely worth comparing with classic movies such as Somewhere in Time and shows such as Outlander. And, it is obvious that these kinds of juxtapositions can work as negative for projects that are buzzworthy. This is the only reason due to which Amazing Stories can be considered as simply an outliner of what it used to be more than 3 decades back.

    Hitting NCB in the year 1985 when Steven Spielberg came up with the concept of bringing all his love as well as storytelling to small screen, it used to make a lot of sense.

    The recognizable filmmaker was enjoying his exceptional work and achieved back-to-back successes on box office.

    This two-season run of Amazing Stories made it win 5 Emmy Awards, thanks to all the noteworthy filmmakers who were able to share their experiences. Yes, critics can always be there, but this is one of those shows that has strong directorial talent, there are some exceptionally talented actors who are involved to make this a grand success.

    Back when small screen programming was supposed to be a place specifically for low-stakes entertainment, be it three-camera sitcoms, police procedurals or daytime soap operas, the TV shows that have been able to achieve success are the ones that ended up being easy to describe and comfortable for the audience.

    The best thing here is that entertainment has changed by leaps and bounds over the past few years. We are no more restricted to some specific options. There are countless options that can keep us entertained, still, the return of Amazing Stories has something different in itself.

    The bottom line

    When we talk about Amazing Stories, timing is everything! This can be a completely different era, the expectations of the viewers can be high, and the entertainment landscape may have changed a lot. But, regardless of everything, the viewing experience of these kinds of stories is always fulfilling.