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    Ozark finally has its finale: The controversial ending explained!

    So, Ozark has finally come up with its finale, the last 7 episodes have literally delighted its viewers with plenty of drama and twists and turns. The ending can be difficult at times, especially for a show that has been keeping its twists for around 5 years. Finally, Ozark brings its finale, and this has surely been an exciting ending. It all started in the year 2017 with Chicago accountant Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman) who agreed to launder money in the Ozarks. Standing on the very wrong side of the drug cartel gun, All he wanted is to exchange money for the safety of his loving family members.  Back in the month of January when we will go to the first part of season 4, Marty and his wife, Wendy (Laura Linney), both find themselves in deep with that cartel.

    Looking for a fresh beginning

    They are looking forward to starting afresh, and to do so, they have set up a casino where they want to launder millions. With buckets of blood on their hand, they have been working with the FBI as well as the cartel. They want to strike a deal that will allow them to skip the town and give themselves a new start. The entire season remains tough for the couple as they found themselves in very tight situations from which they’ve been able to escape at the last moment. The walls can be seen closing on them during the beginning of the season 4 part 2, will they be able to make it?

    Before we talk about the Byrde family, there is huge news that is coming out of the Ozark finale that surrounds Ruth Langmore. For Byrdes, this can be a happy ending, but not for Ruth. Do you know why? Camila Navarro, the new cartel boss killed her.

    Ruth has consistently been the highlight of the show and why not, after all, it’s played by Julia Garner. On the other hand, the first three seasons have been a thrill due to her troublesome relationship with Marty. Part 1 of season 4 ends when Ruth is rushing toward a highway, she is looking for Javier who is the nephew of Omar Navarro. It works as a reminder of the event of season four that actually showcased ambitious nephew, Omar’s fear of his hotheadedness. The deal created by Omar with the FBI backfires when bloody usurpation by Javi was sensed.

    Darlene Snell and Wyatt Langmore, both have been shot dead by Javi. The closes relation of Ruth was Wyatt, the one who was supposed to put an end to the “Langmore curse” the one that came to an end prematurely dead or in jail. Now, Ruth is looking for revenge due to her cousin’s death, and she got it.

    Ruth gets the opportunity to trap and kill Javi, the second episode of season 4 part 2 is here! Now, everything has come to a new place, Shaw Medical’s offices. Byrdes and Shaw Medical CEO Clare Shaw both have been enjoying dinner and the same has been hijacked by Ruth. The cartel with the help of Wendy strikes a deal with Shaw, and he’s looking for cheap heroin- the exchange that was supposed to offer a great contribution to the foundation of Wendy, and it is also a key ingredient in various pharmaceutical products. Showing the gun, she asks Shaw to lure Javi into the office where she wants a deal to be signed, this includes handing stocks over to Javi’s mother. When Javi rocks up, Ruth pulls the trigger. Omar Navarro takes the credit for the murder of Javi, a fortunate event for Ruth.

    Navarro wants to retain the control of his cartel, he is plotting with the Byrdes from prison. With the hopes of achieving it, he sends Marty to Mexico. He wants the cartel to know that Navarro killed Javi. In the other frame, Marty gets to meet Camila, mother of Javi, and sister of Omar.

     The new boss is here- Camila

    She gives an order to hit on Omar in prison as she pretends to understand cartel politics. Somehow Omar deals with the assassination attempt and he figures out one of the cartel ranks behind the plot. With hopes to overthrow Omar, The Byrdes plot with Camila. Yet another hit is being organized and for Camila to get the same FBI deal being accepted by Omar. When Camila makes her way to prison to say goodbye to Omar, the entire plan goes the wrong way. Omar realizes there is something missing, Then, he informs Camila that he didn’t kill Javi and even doesn’t know did. All he knows is things told by Wendy Byrde. Camila believes everything but still goes through assassination. After pulling strings for all four seasons, Omar Navarro is now taken out.


    The last scene of the last episode moves around a Byrde Family Foundation gala. This is where all the big donors are coming and they are going to make all the fantasies of Byrde come true. The gala is bringing many big donors and this will allow them to go back to Chicago where they can live the life of their dream. They have done it, and then enter Camila into the party. She speaks to Clare about the day Javi died. Camila has something to say here. She says, she’ll forgive Shaw for hiding all the information if she tells everything right away. But, there will be various unpublishable things that will take place if she finds out that Shaw has been lying all the time. Shaw now takes it further and informs Camila that all this was done by Ruth Langmore.

    Byrde family now stands on the stage, and Camila confronts Ruth Langmore outside her home. She is well aware of what’s coming next. Still, she remains defiant till the very end. She says, she’s not sorry as her son was a murderer. Camila pulls the trigger, and she shoots Ruth right in the heart.

     An unbelievable escape

    Before heading to the bigger events, a reminder of car crash that gave the beginning to season 4. To remind you, the entire Byrde family is in the car and they are talking about their move to Chicago, and they can’t take Ozarks anymore. Marty doesn’t pay attention and goes off the road, and the car flips. This comes to the conclusion that it was not a dream, nor anything important. The crash takes place again right in the mid of the final episode. But, the fact is no one is injured, this is the biggest subplots of one of the seasons. Wenday;s dad gives all the attempts to get custody over Jonah and Charlotte. He is playing the part of a worried grandpa, Wendy is not in a good condition and she is in need of mental health facility. Thanks to all the torture done by Ruth Langmore, Nathan now looks no more than a vindictive dad. And, to spite Wendy, he is taking Jonah and Charlotte away. Shown a gun by Ruth, Nathan Davis informs both Jonah and Charlotte, the kids want to be with Marty and Wendy again.

    Their happy ride to shame is the time when the crash takes place.