• “We appreciated your work on RACE, Please say thank you to everyone there.”

    Benoit Touchette - Head of Visual Effects

    , Mels Studio
  • “I am so impressed with the quality of work we have gotten from GelaroGrace– especially with their quick turnaround times. They are my first choice for Rotoscoping. Deepak communicates clearly. He is prompt with bids and asks good questions when he needs clarification. He is available at surprisingly convenient times, considering the company is based in India.
    We are excited to start an ambitious project with GG this December, and I trust them to get the job done at fair prices and on time.”

    Eric Levy - Executive Producer

    , Clean Plate Fx
  • “I got in touch with Deepak to help out with a VFX project whose deadline was very tight. Deepak was extremely helpful and very professional. His attention to detail and proactivity made production smooth and us able to deliver within schedule.
    I would happily recommend Deepak and GelaroGrace, and look forward to working with them on the next project.”

    Emma Watterson - Executive Producer

    , Unit Media
  • “I would just like to say that your speed, high quality, and iteration service is top notch – you guys rock. Thank you so much for the quality work you deliver. Alex is very happy with your work, and so am I.”

    Jorgen Hunstad - Producer

    , Helmet
  • “Working with GelaroGrace Studio is fast, fair and gives you a high quality standard for rotos!
    Thank you GG….”

    Patrick Franz - Producer

    , Liga 01 ComputerFilm
  • “We’ve been really really pleased with the quality and the speed of your work. Thanks so much for helping out on what was a massive favour for the production company.”

    Danny Duke - Managing Director

    , Outpost VFX
  • “Thank you for all of your hardwork, reacting so quickly to our needs. It was hugely appreciated.”

    Phoebe Scott - Executive Producer

    , Glassworks London
  • “I would unreservedly recommend GelaroGrace Studio. They have been instrumental in helping us to deliver the highest quality. Every time I send work their way they surpass expectation.”


    Geraint Hixson - VFX Producer

    , Outpost VFX
  • “Great Job, Effective, Reactive & Dependable.”

    Cyril Bordesoulle - Director of Post Production

    , Poster
  • “I had the good fortune to work with Deepak and his team on a very challenging project and saw first hand his dedication and ability to work under difficult conditions. He’s focused and serious about doing a job well and doing it right. I highly recommend Deepak for his abilities and his skilled Roto Team.”

    Emiliano Pernía

    , VFX Supervisor
  • “Deepak never misses a beat and understands the pressures of a tight timeline. His team turn around projects as promised and they are accurate which is the key. I think we are in a pair of capable hands with Deepak & GelaroGrace Studio.”

    Michelle Turner - VFX Producer

    , Ink Project
  • “We found the experience of working with GelaroGrace Studio thoroughly productive. The process of making the film benefited greatly from their expertise, flexibility and dedication. As with most projects, the remit evolved throughout the duration of the job, and GelaroGrace where always willing to adapt there work flow and production to suit the project requirements within the original deadline. We would not hesitate to work with GelaroGrace again in the future.”

    George Thomson - VFX Designer

    , Visitor Studio