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    The Buccaneers – Season-1

    The Buccaneers – Season-1

    Dive into the glamorous world of “The Buccaneers”!

    This period drama is a captivating journey through 19th-century high society, filled with love, scandal, and jaw-dropping twists.
    GelaroGrace was one of the prime VFX vendors in this show that served Prep, Matchmove and Roto services in more than 100+ Shots.

    Have you joined the adventure yet?

    Thanks to team GelaroGrace –
    CEO/Head of Production: Deepak Pal
    Executive Producer: Vinod Sharma
    Production Manager: Gourav Pal
    Junior VFX Producer: Puneet Kumar Singh
    Creative Head: Man Mohit Singh
    Matchmove Lead: Bharat ashish
    Roto Supervisor: Durg Vijay Singh
    Prep Lead: Deepak Negi
    Roto Lead: Biswajit Manna

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    Prep/Cleanup | Matchmove | Rotoscope