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    If You Were the Last

    If You Were the Last

    “Another title we have bagged-in in our portfolio”
    All thanks to our beloved HiFi3D for giving us this opportunity to showcase our quality work in this title.
    GelaroGrace Studio serves VFX services in this beautiful title.
    “If You Were the Last” is A Thrilling Journey of Survival and Mystery! Get ready to embark on an extraordinary adventure where ordinary people wake up to a world without a single soul. They are the last humans left on Earth, and their struggle for survival is just the beginning.
    Are they truly alone? Can they unlock the secrets of their vanishing world? Find out! It’s streaming on Peacock


    Thanks to team GelaroGrace –
    CEO/Head of Production: Deepak Pal
    Executive Producer: Vinod Sharma
    Production Manager: Gourav Pal
    Junior VFX Producer: Puneet Kumar Singh
    Creative Head: Man Mohit Singh
    Prep Lead: Deepak Negi
    Roto Supervisor: Durg Vijay Singh
    Roto Lead: Biswajit Manna
    Matchmove Lead: Bharat ashish


    Rotoscope | Cleanup | Matchmove