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    Some 3D software solutions that work wonders for production

    What does animation take? In general, the game is simple, some creative ideas, beautiful imaginations, and the right use of software solutions, and you can achieve this beautiful work of art. Thanks to the rapid advancements in the field of technology, animators are now able to create some of the most captivating and stunning visuals, animation software solutions are becoming more and more popular due to some obvious reasons. Before these technologies and software solutions started playing their role, the game of animation was very tedious and time-consuming.

    • Xerography: The process of dry photocopying with the help of which animators can forgo the need to ink animations using their hands.
    • Cel animation: In this process, characters used to be drawn by hands on transparent celluloid sheets and they were paced over printed backgrounds.
    • Multiplane Process: This process enabled the movement of several pieces of artwork at different speeds and distances from one another.

    These processes were very tedious and it was hard to obtain the desired results from these processes.

    The market is flooded with a wide range of software solutions that can help in 2D and 3D animations, some off the are free to use while others are high-end professional suites, choosing the right one can be difficult task for many. This is the reason why we have come up with a list of some of the most renowned solutions that can work wonders.

    Some 2D solutions you can try

    • Animaker
    • Cartoon Animator
    • Blender
    • Moho Pro
    • Toon Boom
    • Adobe After Effects
    • Illustrator (The right choice for designers)

    Today, 3D animation programs are increasing in popularity, their demand in the market is quite high, and they can be used by both animators as well as designers. Some of these solutions are free to use while for others you may need to pay. The technology is changing at a rapid pace and it’s changing the world at a quicker pace.

    3D Animation software solutions you can try

    We, these are some key solutions available today, let’s understand some of these solutions in detail. Check out this list.

    Adobe After Effects

    Used by professionals across the globe, Adobe After Effects is one of the most powerful motion graphics and animation software available today. This solution has become a key part of any creativity, be it for video games, commercials, television shows, or visuals for films, the solution is used to create almost everything that can be imagined, its comprehensive features and intuitive interface make it stand out from the rest.

    This solution has something for everyone, whether you’re just beginning your journey in this domain or you are someone who is looking forward to expanding skills, this solution can help everyone. This simplifies the process of manipulating layers with keyframes that control different kinds of parameters including position, and scale size rotation, and you can achieve complete control over how your animation is going to look like when it will be on screen. Moreover, there are hundreds of effects that can be obtained with the help of built-in plugins such as Lightning Strike or Particle Playground, and this will enable users to add effects to their compositions, everything can be done with just a few clicks.

    After Effects simplifies the way artists work, it helps in creating some of the most complex scenes or environments, environment mapping techniques, and there are some advanced camera tracking tools, the 3D capabilities of this solution are amazing. For film production where intricate visual elements need precise placement within 3D space, this is an ideal solution. And, you can elaborate lighting setup without having the need for expensive hardware, it is generally associated with this type of work.

    Moreover, if you are working with other software solutions such as Photoshop & Premiere Pro, the dynamic link feature of this solution can help in seamlessly integrating assets between each application, you won’t need to leave one program to work on any other application, you still have the creative freedom, and you effortlessly collaborate with other artists.

    With these features, Adobe After Effect is surely one of the most versatile solution available today, regardless of the project you are working on.

    Autodesk Maya

    Another powerful 3D modeling, animation, and rendering software, Autodesk Maya is a popular solution among professionals who are working in the entertainment segment. Being around since 1998, the solution helps in creating some of the finest and high-quality 3D visuals, it’s helpful for VFX artists, modelers and animators, with your creativity, you can surprise your audience by creating some stunning digital art.

    It is loaded with features and you can easily bring your ideas to life. Hypershade, custom shader creation with Arnold renderer support, nonlinear editing options, terrain sculpting capabilities, UV mapping tools, URBS curves & surfaces, advanced particle simulations, rigging and animation tools and a lot more features can be enjoyed once you have this solution. The solution reduces render times to a great extent as it supports real-time playback with the help of NVDIA GPU using OptiX AI denoising technology. On the other hand, you won’t need to manually adjust settings each time for complex scenes, there are several scripts that allow you to do the setup with ease.

    The solution has an  intuitive interface  and both beginners and experienced professionals can easily use it, various features can used with ease from one main window, the overall user experience of the solution is amazing.


    The solution used to create wide range of 3D models, animations and visual effects, blender is a an open-source 3D computer graphics software program used by many. Due to its user-friendly interface and creative features, the solution has increased in popularity among artists, high-quality visuals can be created with ease for games, architecture visualization, and film production. With this solution, you can complete your complex 3D modeling tasks with ease.

    What this solution does is that it can produce realistic results with very minimal effort, and this is another key reason behind the popularity of this solution. Ultimately, you can easily create the effects of fire and smoke and you won’t need to have a detailed knowledge about physics or mathematics. You can also find some materials and textures to add life to your project. As the solution is free to use, you won’t need to spend your hard earned money if you want to have the access.

    Cinema 4D

    From films and animation to gaming, this 3D animation and rendering software is used by professionals in various industries. The tool comes with some of the finest plugins, robust features, and an intuitive interface, you can create premium quality visual with this highly popular software solution.

    You don’t need to have expensive hardware and you don’t need to spend much of your precious time to learn this solution, and still you can create stunning animations. You can modify the existing scenes or you can also create them from scratch.  The solution quickly produces photorealistic images with the help of lighting techniques, global illumination (GI), for instance, such ability  of the solution makes is more and more popular among artists. GI helps in simulating how lights interact with objects in any specific scenes and there will be some more realistic reflections and shadows. The solution is compatible across various platforms including Windows, Mac OSX, Linux and iOS. Regardless of from where you are working on your project, you can always find a compatible version.