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    VFX in today’s age: Almost nothing is impossible

    Since its development stage, the VFX industry has come a long way, thanks to the rapid advancements in the field of technology. Today, filmmakers are capable of creating some of the most exciting and breathtaking imagery that would’ve been impossible to film in real life. And, the benefits of these technologies are enjoyed by grounded films to big-budget feature films. Here, we’re going to explore how VFX has changed the way films were made, and how it is used to create a completely different world.

    Skyrocketing use of VFX in movies and advertisements

    The world of VFX has now become huge, and over the last few decades, the use of VFX has increased by leaps and bounds. The use of VFX today is not limited to big-budget action films, you can see them being used in advertisements and in an average Rom-com. To understand the use of VFX in filmmaking, it is the process of creating or manipulating imagery, everything outside the content of a live-action shot. VFX combines live-action footage with CG elements of other live-action footage and ultimately creates realistic imagery.

    How can you describe VFX better? Well, VFX is the term that is used to describe imagery generated, manipulated, or improved for any kind of moving media or television, the ones that can’t be produced while shooting live. VFX is created for the movie in post-production, it is completely different from the visual effects that are created on location. VFX producers communicate and collaborate with cinematographers and directors regarding the need for VFX in scenes and to know which scenes will need green screen backgrounds. If you have seen those dragons flying through the sky in the movie Game of Thrones, it’s the right example you can see. You can also have a look at those spaceships flying through space in the movie Star Wars. These are the environments created that are either impossible or too dangerous to shoot in, and they have a completely different world that doesn’t exist.

    Different types of visual effects

    Visual effects can be done in three different ways, CGI, composting, and motion capture, all of this may take place simultaneously in a virtual studio background or after the completion of principal photography. To blend the line between real and unreal, VFX artists make use of the tools that help in various aspects, though tools change with time, the actual purpose always remains the same and that is to make anything real. Let’s have a look at some tools and how they function.

    Computer-generated imagery

    Computer imaging is what helps in getting the jobs done for all visual effects, Pixar’s CGI animation is dominating the industry for almost 3 decades now. With the help of computer programs, characters and motion are created, and that is the type of CGI animation. This domain of VFX takes care of adding effects to the existing film.


    When VFX artists want to mix visual components from other sources to ensure that they appear like they are in the same place, the process is known as compositing. The early type of compositing, matte paints generated such an appearance. The Emerald City landscape in The Wizard of Oz is one of the best examples in this regard.

    The art of motion capture

    With the help of live-action references that are almost like the old modeled rotoscoping approach, modern visual effects can be utilized to create more realistic CGI. The technology is available for a long time, but the capabilities seem to change almost completely every year.

    Green backgrounds that are used in filming

    We are all aware of the fact that the fanciful setting in big blockbuster movies doesn’t look much impressive on set.

    When we talk about green backgrounds, it helps filmmakers to come up with environments that have an uncanny sense of realism.

    • Blue screens were compatible with celluloid film and this is the reason behind their popularity back then, green screens are around since the 1900s.
    • Green screens are becoming more and more popular with the growth of digital filming.
    • The actual thing that needs to be kept in mind here is that no two colors should be alike.
    • The background of the topic needs to be completely different from the one on the subject.
    What does the green cool background do?

    This visual effect method is the combination of two pictures or video streams, and that’s a green screen.

    Let’s take an example here- an explosion video effect, it can take place when we combine more advanced 3D techniques, and some new and exciting features can be added to a complex moving scene. The Chroma key is something that isolates the required color, green in general, and this gets removed digitally by making it transparent.


    The VFX pipeline: Production phase

    Let’s have a look at the process with the help of which visual effects are added to a film.

    • Every single department is organized with the help of a pipeline that allows every artist to know what their functions are.
    • Generally, the film is done in three different stages, pre-production, production, and post-production.
    • Most of the VFX jobs are done post-production, this is the stage where all the color grading is applied to the images.
    • You may need to do some repetitions when the jobs are not done keeping the VFX pipeline in mind, and you may have to face some issues later on.

    For a specific VFX team, this shows how digital set construction needs to be implemented. You can see some sketches 3D renderings and pictures being employed by the layout crew and production designers when it comes to finishing the sets.

    All the phases of the visual effects pipeline should be kept in mind if you want o understand how every single team works.

    Selecting the right tool in VFX

    The market is flooded with a wide range of programs and tools, and this is the reason why choosing the right one can prove to be difficult.

    Building it in-house

    Various movies have come up with their own animation tools, Pixar, for instance, and they make use of Presto.

    Use of free tools

    There are some free, open-source programs that are used by various movies, especially when the budget is tight. Getting the right photorealism was not possible completely with Blender.

    For those who are new

    For those who are beginning, Blender is the right place to start. You are more likely to feel in charge and direct, you can update and grow in comparison with Maya.

    What do VFX studios use?

    VFX studios always prefer to hire highly experienced professionals, and they are more likely to employ 3D motion elements. As Nuke and NukeX have become the industry standard, there is no need to check and test others in this specific area. If you are someone who wants to work in the VFX industry, this is quite an important tool that you need to master, it is compatible with 3ds max and Maya.

    Summing it up

    VFX technique is beneficial for print media, television shows, movies, and more, the quality of work seems to improve with growing technologies in this specific domain, and there is some expected reduction in the average cost of providing a single shot. Thanks to improving technologies and faster computer systems, aesthetically flawless real-time animation is sure to turn into a reality.