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    Manifest: A popular supernatural series and a mysterious phenomenon

    Later this year, Manifest is sure to come up with its fourth season. And, if you are among those who are in search of top shows to watch this year, then the previous three parts should be on top of your watch list. On NCB, the show was canceled after the arrival of its third season, but it gained a lot of popularity when it arrived on Netflix. Now, when this show has become a popular one, it seems to remain at its current home, In the UK, the show can be seen on Prime Video and Sky. Those who have seen the show, regardless of how they stumbled onto the show, it has got all of them hooked, and people can’t wait for its fourth season.

    An overview of the show 828

    Here’s an overview for those who know nothing about the show. Keeping it very simple, Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York, reaches its destination, but it takes 5 long years. All those people inside the flight, crew, and passengers, are completely unaware of this delay until they are confronted by their loved ones, all of them were assumed dead, and everything has happened in those 5 years of time.

    When the passengers try to get back to their lives, there’s a mystery around it that follows. This is exactly what is the interesting premise for the entire show that holds up well and keeps everyone hooked.

    Meet the stars of the show- Josh Dallas (Thor, Zootopia) and J.R. Ramirez (Jessica Jones, Power), and Melissa Roxburgh (Star Trek Beyond, Supernatural). You can see a lot of improvement in both writing and acting as the series progresses, and there are some of the most exciting twists and turns. Even if you spend somewhere around 40-45 minutes watching an episode, it always leaves you with something exciting to watch in the next episode, it makes you want to carry on. Especially if you want to have a show for your Sunday night, this one is for you and you won’t mind watching two or three in a row.

    When flight 828 is heading to New York, it included a mega storm, people in the flight believed that they have reached safely. All of them were in shock when they came to know that they have been missing for the past 5 years, and were presumed dead.

    The rest of the series describes the attempt of passengers and crew members to find the truth about what happened to all of them.

    There have been various theories that defined what actually happened to all of them, from wormhole to time travel, there’s a lot to mull over.

    Some viewers said that the plane that landed safely, and the passengers are from a different future.

    Saanvi Bahl (Parveen Kaur) has come up with a completely different theory suggesting that the passengers are linked to a divine gemstone called Sapphire, bringing a religious element to the theory.

    The creator of the series, Jeff Rake said the series is based on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 in March 2014 that disappeared. Keeping this in mind, the answer to the mystery still remains missing.

    During the end of season two, the wing of the plane was pulled out of the sea, it was named Montego Airways. At Stewart International Airport, fans saw the plane landing, the one that could have crashed 5 years back. Reddit was properly targeted by fans to share their own theories on what actually happened to the plane, the answer, of course, hasn’t come to light yet.

    One of them said that the plane has traveled through time, and it has crashed in the future, probably a negative one, all the passengers of the plane realized it had caused, a ripple effect in the timeline. It was supposed to be a normal flight, The future people sent the plane back, and all the callings were basically what the passengers could have or have done in case the flight was a normal landing, yeah, it took them some time to get it done, and hence, the 5 years of long gap.

    To get the timeline back on track, they have to do the callings. The time travel incident won’t get corrected and it will get impacted if those callings were not made, thus rendering the future not what it was supposed to be.

    Here is the response from another fan-

    The theory is pretty awesome, but how does it give a clear explanation of the callings that sent them to the places they never knew about? Also, after they complete a calling, the branching of all those possibilities.

    Some callings are bringing two passengers together, they have never met before, How are these strangers brought together?

    It looks like more than just people from the future taking the plane back. And, what about Zeke and other people who were not there on the flight, getting back to life, and receiving callings?

    I have come somewhere around halfway through the third season, but it doesn’t give many answers, I guess we may never know about it.

    It was supposed to have six seasons, the creators were gutted when the decision was made to cancel it by NBC. Thanks to Netflix, agreeing to pick the series up for its final season.

    What should you know about season 4?

    The final season is expected to come in the fall of 2022. Creator Rake has done the best in the previous 3 seasons, there are 20 episodes split into part 1 and part 2, and it’s time to reach the conclusion. The endgame is not going to change at all, he’s pretty confident that 20 episodes have given him sufficient time to tell the entire story- said the creator in an interview.

    As soon as the Montego Air Flight 828 landed safely, the crew and passengers were relieved. It was quite a small period of a few hours in which 5 long years passed. All the near and dear ones of the passengers and crew members, after mourning their loss, had given up all their hopes, and they moved on. Now, they need to face the impossible, and they have a second chance. But, now when they come across a reality, here comes a deeper mystery, some of the passengers came to know that they are meant for something bigger, a lot bigger than they can ever imagine in a journey that is emotionally rich.


    And, this is something that tells us very little that fans don’t really know.

    We are going to move ahead in time, this is going to be a time jump of 2 years from where we ended season 3- said  Josh Dallas, who played the role of Ben.

    I’m not going to reach the end, sometimes I think about it. I could have been the agent of the apocalypse. He is very tenacious, and this is the reason behind the downfall of all this. The first part of the final season is not actually going to be easy- he added.

    People are eagerly waiting for the final fourth season, let’s see what it has to offer and how many twists and turns this final season brings.