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Kia – Vitality

Kia – Vitality

Driving something creative and innovative, something that adds value to our valued clients is all that we are habitual of doing here at GelaroGrace Studio! Whenever we come across a new challenge, we follow a simple approach, accept, conquer, repeat! The same we did in this specific commercial with our roto, paint, and 3D tracking services. The best part, our client experienced a smooth drive with our dedicated work. Check out this commercial. Want to discuss your project with us? Let’s connect!

Thanks to team GelaroGrace –
CEO/Head of Production Deepak Pal
Executive Producer Vinod Sharma
Production Manager Gourav Pal
Tracking Supervisor Sonu Chauhan
Roto Supervisor Durg Vijay Singh
Creative Head Man Mohit Singh


The Seed


Rotoscope | Cleanup | Tracking