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Cowboy Bebop

Cowboy Bebop

For those who do want to see the more dramatic side of Bebop, this teaser has some amazing treats. The tablets theme music, fourth-wall-breaking action, and a mesmerizing combination of winding camera work and a sleek colour palette – The video is a complete adventure.

Thanks to the one taking the VFX world by storm, Greg Jardin, you get your creative juices flowing in everything you do! You’re truly amazing and Deeply thanks for involving us in this kickass project.

Tasks: Roto, Preps & Tracking

DoP: @tomburstynphotography
Producer: @lizlangphoto
Executive Producer: André Nemec
Art: @alistairk
Music: Yoko Kanno
1st AD: @terrikilmartin
Stunt Coordinator: @alpop.stunts
Costumes: Jane Holland
1st AC: Ben Rowsell
On-Set VFX Supe: Be Colenso
Edit / Sound Design / VFX: ya boi @gregjardin
Final Bebop shot: @rspvfx
Additional VFX: @arsenalfxcolor, @brock_aholic, @drunkenapostles
Roto/Prep/Tracking: @gelarograce
Motion Control: @reelfactory
International Assassin: @annalisebandel
Spirit Animal / Stunts: @kungfujason
Special Thx: @seresinb @k__fletch


Rotoscope | Cleanup | Tracking