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    On-Set VFX Supervision

    On-set VFX supervision is like being the conductor of a visual orchestra. It's all about ensuring that the magic happens smoothly and seamlessly from the start of filming. From setting up green screens to capturing the perfect lighting for CGI integration, the on-set VFX supervisor is there every step of the way, ensuring that the director's vision comes to life on screen. They collaborate closely with the production team, offering technical expertise and creative solutions to achieve stunning visual effects that enhance the storytelling. In short, they're the wizards behind the scenes making the impossible possible, one frame at a time.

    VFX Budgeting

    VFX budgeting is a complex process that requires careful planning and ongoing management to ensure the project stays on track financially while achieving the desired visual effects. Collaboration, communication, and flexibility are key to successful VFX budgeting and execution.

    Script Breakdown

    A script breakdown is a crucial step where you categorize and detail all the elements in a script for production planning. This includes characters, locations, props, wardrobe, effects, makeup, sound, vehicles, stunts. Use software or sheets, assign unique numbers, coordinate with departments, and expect revisions as needed.